If it has too many legs or eyes, Horsham Pest Control can take care of it!

Our team can also assist with pre-construction termite inspections, as well as pre-purchase inspections on your new home or office.

With each inspection, we also include a 14 page report detailing everything we find. We’ll also deal with your insurance company to make sure everything happens smoothly!

All products we use are water-based, with no solvents mixed in, ensuring your family’s safety with any work we do.

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icon-803718_640 Mice & Rats

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icon-803718_640 Cockroaches

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We are the Wimmera’s only supplier and installer of Trithor, the industry’s best termite protection solution for new homes. If your existing home or business has a termite issue, we are the regional experts in Exterra, which  eliminates termites fast!